Creating Unique Magic Spell with Fairy Garden

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 Many designers creating fairy garden wishes them to be different and unique creating a magic spell on the viewers. A few steps can help you achieve the same.


At times the home owners and designers look forwarding to creating fairy garden that will look different and unique and would create a magic spell on viewers. While the idea may sound a bit difficult, in practice it is not so and can be created with a little application of mind.


Few Innovative Ideas

Nice flower for fairy gardens

Nice flower for fairy gardens


It may be possible creating a path with some fat stones or old pottery pieces. You can also create a resting place for the visiting fairies by putting some flat small stone in the middle of the pathway. If you are using a saucer it can be filled with water to create the feeling of floating water around the rock. Similarly, putting in place small bedding plants in the space remaining would also help create extra attractions. Some colorful small plants will add luster to the image of the fairy garden.


Importance of Decoration

It would be good decorating the fairy garden as much as possible to create great attractions and making it look beautiful. One of the best ways of creating such effect would be sprinkling the garden with glittering grains that will sparkle even in the night.


Creating Unique Magic Spell with Fairy Garden

Creating Unique Magic Spell with Fairy Garden

Things Not To Be Overlooked

In the entire process there are certain things that may not be overlooked. Materials that are used to create the cottages and other structures in the garden are natural and therefore glue is not used. However to make the cottages and other structures more sturdy, glue can be used by the user or designer on materials of choice like plastic or fiber sheets.


Turning Container into Fairy Garden

It sounds bizarre but it is true. Virtually any container of size can be converted into fairy garden or part of it. However, you may not use garden soil in the containers as they would be too heavy and instead you may settle for commercial potting soil that would be lighter as well as less compact in nature.


It is a Combination

A fairy garden basically is the combination of the liking of children and adults with the former loving fairies and the latter preferring flower gardens. When space is not a constraint, even the traditional flower garden, small or large can be completely transformed into a magical fairy garden. This practically means that the fairy garden that is supposed to be miniature in nature is not always restricted to a few square feet and the entire garden or your backyard can also be transformed into a fairy garden. The effects would be magical and mystic for the viewers and it could well become a leisure abode even for the adults.


All said and done, it is necessary for you to select the location first of all and to determine the size as well. Ideas would be different for a fairy garden that is confined to some square foot and for the one that would convert the entire flower garden into a fairy garden.

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