Current Trends in Making Fairy Gardens

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 Fairy gardens are becoming common means of decorating the outdoors in a house and the current trend in making fairy gardens is going wild with imagination.

If one has a close look at the current trend in the realm of fairy gardening he or she will find that the common feature is designers running their imagination wild. It helps creativeness and many new features come up that makes the garden more attractive in appearance.


Multiple Elements in Use

For such wild imagination also things that are around on the planet earth are resorted to. These include various items like miniature plants, castles, cottages, as well as multiple fanciful figurines. Such items are growing extremely popular and the current trend is using them for creating fairy gardens.


Christmas Villages for Outdoors

Basically the fairy gardens work as the Christmas villages for outdoors and they are now one of the hottest things around in the realm of horticulture. However, the trend is quickly catching on and many people are now setting up miniature gardens in their lawns and backyards that work as the fairy gardens.


Fairy Gardening Trends

Great for Festive Occasions

Fairy gardens not only look beautiful and are attractive for the children but an innovative creation could also work excellently as the location for celebrating festive occasions. It could be Christmas, New Years, or for some mystic occasions. It could also create great platform and location for social celebrations including wedding and reception. Current trend is also using the fairy garden for multiple purposes.


Impact of Lighting

Proper lighting can create a great impact in any of the fairy gardens as it can generate the atmosphere where one would feel as a part of the fairyland. Some of the designers prefer solar lighting as the same is not dependent on the frailties of traditional power. Others combine traditional electricity with generators or battery charged inverters. Apart from the device use; another most important part of it is creating the right impact of lighting. For instance, if a distance mountain is created, it should be bluish green while the water of the river could be whitish blue. Image of sunshine could be reddish yellow in color while that of moonlight could be all white. To sum up; light and reflection is very important for creating the right impact.


Fairy Garden without Fairies

It might sound strange but it is true, a fairy garden can still be created without any fairies in it. In fact, this is one of the most modern concepts for the designers that are creating gardens with all the excellences of fairyland but without direct replication of fairies in them. Feeling of having fairies around are still created but in an abstract manner.


To this extent, many designers are trying remote controlled animals and insect replications in the fairy garden instead of using the replications of fairies. At the same time the replicated and automated animal and insect images also create a feeling of existence of fairies in the fairy land.


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