Designing the Traditional Fairy Garden

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 Concept of fairy garden is nothing new and has been in use for quite some times now. Creating a traditional fairy garden is not difficult.


If you are looking forward to creating a fairy garden and are concerned about how to go for it, here are some tips and advices for you that will help you set up the traditional fairy garden quite easily. In fact, you can resort to the DIY or do it yourself method for the same. Once you go through the tips, things will start falling in place and you will not find it difficult to manage them.


Enchanting for All

Irrespective of your age, gender and physical status, it is very difficult resisting the attraction of the fairy garden. That means the fairy garden, though miniature in type can attract children and people in advanced ages alike.  Such a garden is a creation of artistic innovations and the space required is only a small corner of the garden or the home of the owner.


An Opportunity for Innovative Ideas

In essence; a fairy garden gives the designer the scope to put in place innovative ideas that would help create a small heaven. The garden would be a place for the fairies visiting them as well as their friends; the colorful butterflies.  Also for people who do not have garden space to set up the big one, the tiny fairy garden would be ideal in view of the space constraints.


Material Requirements

When you decide to set up a fairy garden you will naturally require a few things like the pebbles, acorns, twigs, leaves, and barks. You may also require some miniature plants, materials to set up cottages or houses and even forts. Some of the ideal materials would be pottery shards, ply boards, or flat stones. However, stones can also be created through engineering process using recyclable materials. There are no hard and fast requirements; almost any material can be used for the purpose of setting up the fairy garden.


Spot Selection

However one of the most important aspects of setting up your fairy garden is appropriate selection of spots. You must select the best spots for your fairy garden. Existing elements like the shrubs or trees, old tree stumps and some protected place in your backyard or premises would be excellent choice for the garden. Bottom line of all these is that it would be necessary protecting the garden and its miniature plants from high wind and scorching sunlight.


Small Space Requirement

Good thing about setting your fairy garden is that you may require on 5-6 square feet area to set it up. The area can be surrounded with tiny colored pebbles looking nice and giving the garden overall attractive features and you may also use seashells or sticks for the purpose.


For overall effect, you may build up tiny cottages for fairies that could be procured from any of the craft stores and you can also create log cabin with twigs. A walking path for the fairies and perhaps a fort for the queen could add glamour to the décor for your traditional fairy garden.


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