Fairy Garden Party Ideas

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Fairy garden parties can be real fun! Children love them and you can embrace a theme that looks like it is just out of a picture story book. You just need to have a garden and lots of fairies around you with the party decorations, food and dress.

Fairy Garden Party Ideas

When it comes to party decorations the trick is you must have attractive fairy miniatures and accessories all around. There are many gorgeous fairy accessories available in fairy garden stores for you to choose from. They can be placed on plants and trees. There are fairy garden lights that shimmer and lighten up your garden if you plan for an evening party. You can buy these lights and decorate your fairy garden with them. Another interesting idea would be to dot these miniature houses with fairy lights. They look real and give visitors an illusion that fairies actually dwell in them.

The next important component of your fairy garden party is the food. Homemade fairy cupcakes will go well with the theme of the party. Make sure that these cupcakes have plenty of toppings of cream, chocolate and strawberry. You can make food in sync with the theme and they include nuts, edible flowers, dainty and small sandwiches etc.

Last but not least pay attention to the dress or costume you choose to wear at the party. Options can be a lovely fairy dress, tiara made of flowers or jewels, sparkling headbands, shimmering shoes, wands, wings and other fairy accessories that make the party come alive!

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