How To Attract Fairy Friends To Your Fairy Garden

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When you have a fairy garden and plant trees and flowers in them they in turn attract animals, insects and birds to them. Birdhouses and feeders for different types of birds also attract them to come and stay in your fairy garden. There are some plants like the sunflower, fernleaf, purple coneflower, summer iliac, red valerian, rosemary, thyme, French lavender etc are some plants and flowers that attract butterflies to them.Attract Fairy Friends

Most birds and insects love fruit trees and you can make a picture perfect garden with apple, cherry and pear trees. Most of these visitors love to use the blossoms for spring festivities and clothing!

If you are lucky enough top have a small stream in your fairy garden you can make it an enchanted area by placing miniature fairies around it. Water fountains add charm to your garden and placing one can really enhance its beauty. You also can decorate your garden with fairy garden lights that can be lit up in the night and give you garden an amazing glitter in the night.

You may have a pond in your fairy garden and decorate it with lovely decorations. You can place mini water baths near the area and give it an authentic look by placing water fairy statutes in it. You can also release fish in the pond and have them swim around. You can also decorate the place with shiny wind chimes, gazing globes and lots of colorful flags to make your fairy garden a lovely haunt for humans, elves, goblins and fairies to dwell in together.

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