How to pick the right plants for you fairy garden

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Picking the right plants for your fairy garden is an important task to do.

Fairy Garden bonsai tree

Fairy Garden bonsai tree

If chosen correctly, they provide a nice feeling of home, make the fairy feel comfortable and look nice, so your fairy garden is even more decorative.

But what is important to consider when choosing the plants?

Well, as always, we need to think about the fairy first, because she is who will live in the fairy garden and she will need to like the plants.


Fairy Garden brake

Fairy Garden brake

Since fairies are tiny little flying creatures, we shouldn’t plant something like the General Sherman tree, but look for something smaller.

I usually tend to pick brake as a basis for my fairy garden. It looks a tropical, doesn’t grow too high and I imagine fairies would like it.

In addition, bonsai trees are one of the best choices.

They look like miniature trees and therefore perfectly fit into a miniature garden.



Choosing the right place for your fairy garden plants


As in your own garden, picking the correct place for your plants is as important as choosing the perfect plant.

But how do you find these spots?

Plants like to grow near the water, so if there is a small lake or sea in your fairy garden, this would be a perfect place for your plants!

Fairy Garden plants at the sea

Fairy Garden plants at the sea

You never know how long it takes the fairy to find your garden and in the meantime you will need to water the plants, if they don’t got the chance to collect water themselves.

The fairy gardens ground is an important factor to consider as well.

If your base is sand, you will need to pick plants that are comfortable with growing in sand.

If your choice was soil, then you won’t have any problems at all.


In case your fairy garden house got windows (what it should), your fairy should have a nice look out of them.

Place the plants in optical range and let your fairy enjoy the nice view.



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