Magical Bluebells For Your Fairy Garden

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Do you know that bluebells is closely linked with the realm of fairies and fairy gardens are incomplete without them!

Bluebells is symbols of gratitude and humility. They are also associated with everlasting love and gratitude. They are in some nations associated with baby boys and this is why you often find blankets, clothing, bibs and other items meant for baby boys with bluebells on them.

Bluebells is found in Western Europe, North America and North Africa. In some regions they are also referred to as wild hyacinths and grow in grasslands, forests, sides of mountains, along the ocean and regions that have lots of bushes. They are members of the Lily family and are originally natives of Portugal and Spain. This flower is a beloved flower in the UK and has been a favorite flower across the globe for several centuries.

When it comes to placing them in your fairy garden you will find that they are easy to grow and handle both the sun and shade. They also have the ability to thrive in places you tend to neglect. You also have the option of placing them in urns, pots and tubs.  They are grown from bulbs and have the ability to reproduce by creating small offset bulbs as well as seeds.

They make your fairy garden look very beautiful as they hand out from a stem that is a central stem and they flower early from April through June. The moment you place bluebells in your garden you instantly attract butterflies to them as well. They generally leave their winter hibernation spots to become fans of the nectar of these flowers adding to your garden’s charm.

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