Place a bench into your Fairy Garden

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Hi everyone!Fairy Bench

While browsing a forum, I found a picture that inspired me.

Since Fairies don’t come to us and describe what they need in their Fairy Garden, we need to figure it out on ourselves.

The nice gadget I found was a garden bench.
If the weather is nice, she can sit down there and enjoy the sun.  It provides a place to rest and calm from stress!


Comfortable Fairy Bench


During my research, I found multiple cute examples.

The Fairy Garden Bench on the right is awesome, because of the leaf on it. I really like if someones takes time for small details noone would immediatly notice!

The Fairy Bench on the left is a little more comfortable, but it is more work for you. In the end, I would check with one fits the best into your Fairy Garden and decide afterwards.

When building a Bench for your Fairy Garden, the first thing you should think about is if you want to build it on your own, or buy one.

If you want to build one on your own, which is always a good idea, you first should decide what material you want to use.

In my opinion, the easiest one is wood.


It is easy to form, since you can simply cut or shape it. In addition it is cheap and you can use multiple glues you probably already got.

The bench on the right is pretty easy to build. All you need is three pieces of wood and some glue. Afterwards you take care of the leaf or whatever logo you want to have on it.

The one on the left is a little harder to do and probably one of the things I would consider buying as a beginner.


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