Recreate The Magic Of Your Childhood Dreams With A Fairy Garden

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Remember the time we were kids? We often drifted off into fairy tales and imagined being in a mystical enchanted land surrounded by beauty, love, nature, friendly goblins and fairies. We never wanted to come back but unfortunately we had to as dreams were dreams and they always broke with the snap of a finger!

A Fairy Garden

Today we are all grown-up and leading modern busy lives however at times we do pine for that magical enchanted land that haunted our little dreams in the past. We long to go back and take refuge in that beautiful land far away from the hustle and bustle of mundane life to get relaxation and blissful peace of mind.

The good news is we can recreate those dreams now by making fairy gardens at home. No, you do not need to have a fortune to create the “wonderland of your dreams”. It can be done within an affordable budget with the use of some simple, practical and imaginative stimulating ideas and designs.

For recreating the fairy garden of your childhood dreams you can work with the current garden you have. It is important for you to think about design first. The size of the garden will help you create a design that goes well with the locale, habitat and environment. Opting for a natural layout helps. Do not go in for formal designs. You can decorate the garden with fairy lights and statutes to give it an authentic feel and look.

Building homes and nests for animals, birds and insects will have them visiting your garden often. Ensure you have food for them so they are happy and contented. You can make innovative attractive huts and houses for your “childhood fairies” to come and hide in. Last but not least plant lots of trees and colorful bright flowers to enhance the beauty and magic of your fairy garden so that it stimulates the senses of everyone who sees it!

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