Reliving Childhood with Fairy Garden

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Even the people in advanced ages have a child in him or her. Fairy garden can work wonders to relive the childhood memories.

Few people are there who might not have listened to fairy tales from their grand parents or elders or might not have read or viewed on electronic media fairy stories and animations. As people grow up the childhood fantasies become a thing of past steadily. Yet reliving the childhood memories is a great feeling for anyone and that is exactly what a fairy garden can ensure.


Reliving Childhood with Fairy Garden

Reliving Childhood with Fairy Garden

In fact, it is like a dollhouse experience with the childhood memories coming back to one with all the forces. In general miniature gardens are artistic creations and that includes fairy gardens. Modern world is finding creation of fairy garden as one of the top trend in the real estate industry as most people try to cover the deficiencies they have in the structure or artistic features of their home by creating an exotic miniature or fairy garden thus reliving the dollhouse experience for not only the inhabitants and users but also those who visits the spot as guests or incomers.


Practical Value

That does not mean that the fairy garden is all about show and artistic features. It also has got substantial practical value.  For instance; many designers are using the ideas inherent in creation of miniature fairy garden with the objective of better usage of the space and square foot involved. At the same time many designers and nursery owners are devoting more space for developing plants and organisms that would give substantial natural flair to the fairy garden created. It could be live plants or could be colored fishes as all these are part of the fairy garden project these days.


Use of Miniature Plants

More than anything else the fairy gardens are decorated with miniature plants since most of these gardens is miniature gardens. Such plants have multiple advantages like consuming less space, giving the environment a green look and making the atmosphere greener and eco-friendly. They also serve adequately the twin purpose of gardening and decorating the home exterior generating a cynic beauty.


Other Items for Use

While miniature plants are the most used items for fairy garden there are also others that are equally useful. Designer or user can add dummy mountains, waterfalls created with sprinklers and hose, colored pebbles to decorate the pathway and water bodies, pools and aquariums with lovely fishes and colored stones, and above all tiny houses presenting the queen’s castle, witch’s dome, and gnome villages etc. The scope of adding items is so vast that it is almost insatiable and it depends largely on the imaginative skill of the user or designer as to how much attractive and different they can make the fairy garden.


Best part of it is that creating a fairy garden may not be as expensive affair as it might seem initially. While many people may use expensive materials like marble, granite, and quartz for creating various structures there are also many inexpensive materials that are recyclable and eco-friendly and can be conveniently used in the garden.

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