The difference between a Mini Garden and a Miniature Fairy Garden

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What do you imagine when thinking about a Mini Garden? Well this is quite easy. You are thinking about a very small garden.Mini Garden

It is so small that it fits easy into your bathroom. Maybe it’s not even bigger than a big plant.

These Miniature Garden are made to bring some green into our homes.

You can buy Mini Gardens, but it is way more fun to create them yourself. You save yourself some money and get in touch with nature by building them yourself


Usually they are made of a platform that is made out of wood, pebbles or metal and potting soil on top of this platform.

Flowers, plants or decorative gadgets are placed into the potting soil to create the Mini Garden.

When this is done, your Miniature Garden is already finished.

Ofcourse you can still work on it to make it look better, add decoration and adjust small changes, but your basic work already fulfilled the Mini Gardens task:

Bringing nature and green flowers into your home.


If you are working on a Mini Fairy Garden, a little more work is needed.

A Minature Fairy Garden is built to create a home for fairies, so that they stay at your house so you can benefit from these mystical beings.

Tales say that they fulfill wishes and bring luck in general. If you would be a Fairy, would you stay in a garden with nothing but some flowers? I wouldn’t!


Minature fairy garden¬†Fairies will need small houses, where they can sleep and rest, else they won’t be able to stay for long!

Another good idea is to build little fences to protect them from any evil influence from outside. Would you like to live in a house with no door, so everyone could come in at any time?

If you think of your own house, or the house of your dreams, you can get great ideas about your Miniature Fairy Garden.

Try to imagine that you would live in this Mini Fairy Garden and think about what you would need to have a nice feeling of home.


While building your Fairy Garden,  you can get to know your wishes and reflect about your plans and aims regarding your future home.

You can collect many fantastic ideas and do some experiments with combining different elemtens and test what they look like.


Also you can check out your neighbours or friends garden to get new inspiration. Also keep checking out my blog section for thoughts about it!

If you have ideas on your own, the Fairy Garden Forum is the place you want to visit!



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